Providing top quality cannabis


Our Mission

Here at Full Moon Farms, our family is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy only the finest craft cannabis produced right here in legendary Humboldt County. We farm with an unparalleled environmental ethos that works with mother nature to bring out the absolute best in our sun grown flowers.

Our Vision

We focus on cannabis as a natural way to heal the mind, body and soul, and are very proactive when it comes to compassionate care. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and social awareness keeps us connected through grassroot efforts and outreach programs.  




“The Full Moon Farm Family has deep roots here in Northern California, running all the way back to 1853. We truly love where we live and what we do, and that love shows in our amazing award-winning flowers. We are deeply dedicated to our craft and utilizing only organic farming methods, environmentally friendly techniques and always prioritizing people before profits. Community and charities are very important to us. We believe in leading by example. That’s why we donate our time and money to a wide range of global, state and local causes. We are so much more than just a cannabis farm, we are a lifestyle. From all of us here at Full Moon Farms we hope to share that lifestyle with you.”

- Nik Erikson (owner)




Working alongside nature

"Reasons for companion planting are numerous and each companion comes with multiple and sometimes unique benefits. Primarily, companion plants act as a defense mechanism for our garden. The plants attract pollinators and predatory bugs that eat various pests which are detrimental to cannabis; each addition solving different pest problems. After planting this year (2018), we could see the difference in the amount of bud caterpillars in the "Field of Hope", which did not have companions, compared to the "Field of Dreams". As a bonus, some of these bugs help stimulate oil production. Companion planting also provides additional nutrient uptake. These plants grow long roots that bring up vitamins and minerals they share with neighboring plants. This provides a living mulch to help hold moisture in the ground attracting more predatory species and pollinators. After the plant runs its course, we cut them down and use the green-waste in foliar feed teas for our future gardens. Plus, after viewing the wonderful colors you can’t help but feel happy."

- Nina (Moon Mama)

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Making a difference

“We feel very strongly about the capability of small farms having a big impact on the world around us. Weather its environmental awareness, medical breakthroughs with the use of cannabis, or local community needs like youth sports and volunteer fire departments. Here at Full Moon Farms we lead by example and constantly encourage those around us to do the same. After all, we really are all one tribe!”

- Nik Erikson (owner)

If you would like to donate directly to a charity, we have included a few of our favorite! If you purchase anything from our shop, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity for you.